About Us

Growing up as a child in the South, I had a love for animals, especially dogs.
“My grandmother and aunts had beautiful jewelry, china, antiques, art and collectibles.  One of my favorite pieces is this cameo. “


I also was quite horse crazy as a child and had two quarterhorses. Dot and her baby Dash.   I became a collector myself and at one time had many ceramic animal family sets displayed around my bedroom.  Wish I still had them and they may be in my parents’ attic somewhere, but more likely were sold in a garage sale many years ago!


As a child we had Dachshunds and cats.  As an adult, my husband and daughters  have shared our home with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Dalmatians primarily so I’m constantly on the lookout for anything spaniel or spotted!  You will also see a sprinkling of Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Labs, generic dogs, cats, birds, fish and horses.  Husband is an avid fisherman!  I have been a dog breeder,  dog show judge, dog trainer and rescue volunteer.


Here are some of my rescued dogs—
flowerSparkle   Harry sideBubbles in bubbles


I became such a collector that friends frequently asked to purchase some of my items as well as asking me to search for some special item for them, thus Shopping Animals, the company, was born.  During a long career in University administration and entrepreneurship, I shopped, sold, and shopped some more, selling items at local antique malls and at dog shows.   I currently have a booth at Joyful Creations in Tupelo, MS.   Stop by to have a look at changing displays and have lunch, inside,  at “Sweet Tea and Biscuits”


This website is my latest venture to formalize the purchase and sale of items and  provide a mechanism for my children and grandchildren to manage a viable business and dispose of family treasures as well as to share the joy that so many of these items have brought to me..”


Shopping Animals–fine collectibles with an animal theme
*The Cavalier depicted is Charlotte, one of many gorgeous dogs who filled my life with joy and are now buried in my heart.  The Dalmatian is Belle our first Dalmatian as a married couple, and the little long coat Chihuahua is my husband’s special pet, a gift from a dear friend.